Welcome to the UCF North Florida Emergency Medicine Residency! As the chief residents, we are excited to let you know all about our program and why we love training at North Florida. We are truly a family, not only with each other, but with our attendings, nurses, NP/PAs, techs, paramedics, and all the staff which makes going to work every day a joy.

Our emergency department is a fast paced, busy referral center for the entire North Florida network of affiliated hospitals which makes our patient population incredibly sick. We have almost every specialty available for consult, making our hospital a receiving hospital for many rural EDs. Many of our patients haven’t seen a doctor since they were born, so they are incredibly sick by the time they make it to the hospital. We are also a certified stroke center with advanced interventions including interventional mechanical thrombectomy making our hospital the hospital of choice for stroke care in the North Florida region. Hardly a shift goes by without multiple stroke alerts, sepsis alerts, and STEMIs.

We are a 432 bed hospital, soon to be 520 beds, and see approximately 80,000 patients per year between our main emergency department, fast track, and two free standing EDs. Our main department averages between 8%-12% critical care patients each month with 48 ICU/CVICU beds (with another floor under construction), making procedures and resuscitations something you are comfortable with by the end of your intern year! While we do not see in house trauma alerts, there is more than enough trauma to be seen and we supplement it by rotating at a very busy trauma center where you are a full member of the trauma team. With no other surgical residencies in house, there are no competing residents to take procedures; we do all our own reductions, sedations, nerve blocks, ENT procedures, chest tubes, joint aspirations, airways, etc.

On shift, there is always a PGY-2 or PGY-3 in the department to manage the high acuity side. During a resuscitation, our interns take the airway with the attending while the senior resident runs the resuscitation. We ensure that every resident, regardless of class year, gets experience on overnights and at the freestanding ED to make sure they are exposed to all patient populations and acuity.

Our senior residents also lead an ICU team supervising residents from other programs rotating in the ICU and are responsible for some of the most complex cardiac and medical patients in the unit. We are the proceduralists in the hospital! Dr. Stern and his team also help run our state of the art simulation lab where we practice procedures including cricothyrotomy, bronchoscopy, intubation, joint aspiration, thoracotomy, etc every month.

Finally, our attendings are truly invested in us. They volunteer their time to ensure at least 3-4 faculty at every conference and have invested their own private group’s time and energy into improving our experience. There are multiple resident events throughout the year including the winter paintball wellness day and the famous senior education cruise in the Caribbean! We are thrilled to be part of the inaugural class at North Florida and can’t wait for the class of 2023 to join us!

Micheal Ament, DO
Scheduling Chief

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

About Me: I am married and am a dad to twin humans and a dog! I grew up in Arizona and was a firefighter/ paramedic for 11 years before medical school. I have also served in the Air Force Reserves for over 18 years. I am very interested in prehospital medical care and education. I am super thankful for the opportunity to train and learn with such an amazing team at North Florida!
Hobbies: Family time, going on cruises with my wife and kids, spending time at the beach, going to the movies, traveling and experiencing new cultures.


Cameron Grossaint, DO
Academic Chief

Medical School: Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Saint Martin's University
Hometown: Mill Creek, Washington

About me: I was born and raised in Seattle before heading to the Southwest for medical school. Former sprinter/runner. I love to adventure and be outdoors as much as possible at the beach, trails, or springs with my fiance and our dog Dino.

Hobbies: Hiking, Sports, local coffee shops or breweries, photography


Katie Johnson, DO
Recruitment Chief

Medical school: University of Pikeville, Kentucky college of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergrad: University of Kentucky
Hometown: Pikeville KY

About me: I was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, in the heart of Appalachia. I had lived in Kentucky my whole life before moving to Florida. My husband and I couples matched, he is an an Otolaryngology resident at the University of Florida. We have one cute little fur baby, Ollie, and love our time in Florida so far!

Hobbies: Travel, obvi, I’m an ER doctor lol; Reading, I love fiction romance novels; baking, dog treats in particular; spending time in the sun at the beach or the pool or wherever 🙂