Current Residents

Meet our Residents

Your success as well as your happiness in residency depends not only on you, but on those around you. Our program searches for residents who prioritize people! Your residency family is just that! Family!

When you need a hand, someone will be there to help. When you need a day with family and need a shift swap, someone will be there. We trust that no matter who else is working, we will all be working equally hard. That kind of support makes going through residency fun and continues to build camaraderie during these difficult years of training.

In addition, we each have very different interests! From health policy to home brewing to BBQ to scalloping to college football, our unique interests enrich us all.

If this sounds like you, then check us out!

Our Faculty

Meet our Faculty

Our faculty combine the best of academic emergency medicine with real world community experience. We have fellowship trained specialists and real world gurus. Together, they offer each resident a comprehensive EM education. One of the best aspects of the program is that as a group, our faculty have managed to remain private and happy for over a decade . They will teach you how to practice high quality, efficient emergency medicine as well as prepare you for both the business of medicine and how to set up research projects in any setting after you graduate.

Check out how our faculty enrich our program!

Our Staff

An ED residency program cannot be effective if the only members of the team are physicians! All our physicians, PAs, and NPs are invited to our conferences and we regularly meet with all the ED staff to discuss how we can all more effectively treat patients and learn from each other.  Every day, our ED team includes our attendings, residents, PAs, NPs, scribes, nurses, paramedics, techs, unit clerks, security, transport staff, and every other employee in the hospital that helps our ED run smoothly!