Our Interview Process

Our EM interviews will be virtual (again) for this season! 

When faced with the big decision of where to train, you need to be informed and ready to make the best decision possible. Here at North Florida EM, we are reaching out to the medical student community in different ways to try and show what it is like to be a resident here. We are also trying to reach out to help students understand the process and how to put your best foot forward!

If you are a student trying to understand how the virtual interview process can affect your application and want to know more about how to navigate this interview season, consider joining FCEP’s Medical Student Group’s Facebook page.

NFEM will be accepting ERAS applications and will extend invitations to interview through Interview Broker. All of our interviews (even for rotating students) will be conducted virtually. For more information about the interview process here at North Florida explore our Virtual Interview Process page.

*Our residency will accept applicants who have at least 1 EM SLOE, but more are welcomed of course.

Our goal is to provide you with a transparent view of what happens here at NFEM and to recruit motivated caring resident who want to be here! Let us know what we can do to achieve this goal!

Virtual Interview Process

We know that the virtual interview process can be stressful. Our program director has worked with medical students across the state and US  to de-mystify the process, has added this section to the website to let you know what the process will look like! Our goal at North Florida EM during this process is to transparently give the applicant as much information about our program as we can, at the same time we will be trying to understand you as an applicant! Here is an outline of North Florida EM’s process! #Wereinittogether! Let us know if you have any questions.

Interview Invitation

Programs will be able to see your application September 15, 2023.  Each program will have their own screening process and will most likely send out invitations pretty quickly, you can expect our interview invites to come in stages between early October and mid-November.

Scheduling an Interview

Invitations will be sent out through Interview Broker and applicants will be asked to schedule an interview online.

Preparing for the Interview

Prior to the interview applicants will be asked to fill out a short (I promise!) informational sheet to aid in the interview day. I will take less than 5 minutes and is required prior to the interview. We will be using the zoom platform for interviews and the medical students will be asked to test links prior to the start of the interview.

Interview Day


  • You will be a part of a morning or an afternoon session and participating in four separate zoomed interviews lasting from 10-15 minutes each. (not too bad, right!)

Informational Session

  • Current residents were adamant that the time when the program director, faculty and residents came together with the interviewers to talk about the program was the time when they felt like they really got the feel for the program. So we are going to do our best to re-create that situation.

Happy hour-Speed dating with our residents.

  • No faculty. Just you and the residents. Take this opportunity to hang with the residents and learn more about the environment and life from the view point of a resident. Scheduled in the evening.


If the applicant has any special interests then our program will follow up the interview with any other information you might need. Any interest in EMS, ultrasound or simulation will have a phone call scheduled with our directors. If an applicant has a spouse or family and would like to learn more about the community from the viewpoint of a resident’s partner, we will set up a call! We will also have any follow up calls if applicants contact us with further questions. We know this season is going to be a challenge.

Virtual Tour