Welcome to the UCF North Florida Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Gainesville, FL!

Welcome to UCF North Florida Emergency Medicine Residency!

I am honored to introduce to you our residency. Although we are new, we have already successfully created a supportive and exciting learning environment. Feel free to ask any of our residents or students who have rotated here! Our program can boast of the following:


  • Regularly scheduled, attending-led educational sessions that systematically cover core curriculum twice during your residency
  • Consistent and beneficial attending presence at all learning events
  • Active FOAMED curriculum including conference credit for asynchronous learning at home to incorporate multiple learning styles

Our Attending Physicians Are Awesome!

  • Our group is highly regarded within the hospital and has been here for decades!
  • Our faculty are graduates from other legacy Florida Programs such as Orlando Health and Jacksonville, as well as, past faculty from UF!
  • We have never had locums in our department, we are a highly sought after work environment in Florida with zero turn over!

Clinical Experience

  • With an annual census over 75K patients we’ll have plenty of clinical experience for you.
  • We have one of the highest patient acuities in the HCA Enterprise with a 44% admission rate.
  • Our Free standing Emergency Department experience designed for senior residents and opportunities for moonlighting will give you independent practice experience to prepare you for graduation.
  • No competing residents for all the procedures!

Boards Preparation

  • Oral Boards Cases and Board-style questions every conference session. You will be prepared long before you graduate!
  • Assigned Review questions every week and constant monitoring to help you identify your possible weaknesses and address them early. We are here to support you!
  • Board Prep course support.


  • A Simulation lab with over $500K equipment at your disposal including Trauma Man, Sim man, Sim baby and Sim Jr.
  • An EM-dedicated Simulation director, our very own core faculty member, Dr. Stern,  devoted to your education
  • Opportunities to write Simulation education scenarios and publish them

We Support Our Residents!

  • Support and encouragement for your interests including EMRA representation and participation in national conferences
  • Formal mentors assigned with scheduled meetings. Getting feedback can be hard for everybody, but this is the single most important benefit of residency for you! Your opportunity to improve. Our mentorship program is all about you!
  • Like I mentioned before, our faculty is awesome! We are all very bought into our work environment and the residents – that means you!

EMS Experience

  • Two of our faculty direct multiple EMS systems and a flight medical service. They will bring you into the world of EMS directorship.
  • You will be examining and reviewing actual protocols, working side by side our EMS providers.
  • We have an advanced EMS track for interested residents

Ultrasound Experience

  • Wait until you meet Dr. Mora, she is our Ultrasound-fellowship trained Ultrasound Director!
  • Your ultrasound rotation will include one-on-one scanning sessions and a formal didactic approach to make sure that you become an expert!
  • Brand new top of the line ultrasound machines integrated into the medical records!
  • We have a EUFAC-accredited US fellowship program and an Advanced ultrasound track for 3rd years.


  • We have a research team including research coordinators and biostatisticians at North Florida supporting our research program!
  • Our residents are already involved in current projects, we work with each resident to support them in an individualized scholarly activity plan.
  • Current projects include traumatic brain injury, drugs of abuse, EMS and ultrasound use in EDs.


  • We support ‘wellness days’ but more importantly we support our residents financially, professionally, emotionally, and scholastically throughout their whole residency. Ask our residents!
  • We have a longitudinal curriculum and are dedicated for reinforcing our family atmosphere on your learning environment!

Support for our residents

  • We have funds set aside to help residents with special interests such as combat medicine, advocacy, global health, etc.
  • All parking is free, housing at away rotations is extremely nice and comfortable, and free
  • There is a food stipend for inside the hospital and away rotations, amazing food at all events, and 24/7 access to the resident snack fridge in the ED.
  • Internal and External moonlighting opportunities to enrich our residents.

Creating a Legacy – Being a Part of a Brand New Program

  • Our faculty, Hospital Administration, and Division leadership are dedicated to your success. We are not entrenched in precedent and will be building our program around you.
  • We will be watching and listening to you. You have the chance to be a part of one of EM’s premier programs from the beginning!

As you can see we have a lot to offer. I hope that you can recognize the theme throughout the experience we offer. Our residency is about our residents. When you join our family we commit 100% to your success. I look forward to meeting you.

Robyn Hoelle MD, FACEP

Program Director, Chairman, Emergency Medicine

North Florida Regional Medical Center

HCA/UCF GME Consortium

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