Welcome to the medical student educational programs at the North Florida Emergency Medicine Residency Program! This website will provide an overview of our rotations and expectations for each rotation.
The emergency department is the best place in the hospital for students to show what they have learned in medical school. In addition to having the most awesome specialty trained physicians in the hospital, the emergency department exposes students to more patients per shift than any other student rotation. As a learner, a student can take a blank canvas that comes from an undifferentiated patient and work quickly through a differential diagnosis based solely on an H&P. Unlike other specialties, test results come back within minutes to hours, imaging is completed, and procedures are done that help you see how your clinical knowledge helps patients in real time.
At North Florida, students will see patients and work directly with attending physicians to further develop their knowledge. For more information on our rotations, please click the links below:
Acting Internship – full SLOE eligible